What is SIAE tax?

What is SIAE tax?

What is SIAE tax?

What is SIAE tax?

SIAE is the Italian organization which collects the tax due for the use of works of artists and musicians protected by copyright, and redistributes it to the rightful owners and their publishers. The cost of this tax depends on the type of location, number of guests and  type of entertainment (it means if your reception is with dancing or not) . Normally for a wedding a SIAE permit costs from 150 to 350 Euros.

If you have a DJ or a live band or recorded music through the sound system at your wedding, you will have to get SIAE permit (that you will show to the venue), and pay this tax by recording yourself on their website (www.siae.it). Without a SIAE permit you become eligible to have an inspection, SIAE inspectors will apply onerous penalties as set by Italian law and of course music will be shut off on the day of the event. SIAE states that the organizer of the event is responsible of this payment, and wedding couple is considered “the organizer”.


How to follow the process to get the SIAE permission?

There are 3 STEPS to follow this process:

1)   Recording yourself on their website (www.siae.it)

2)   Pay the fee and get the permit that you will show to the venue and the “bordereau” ( a document that you will give to the musicians to be  filled).

3)    After the event the performer (the band, the DJ etc.) must compile the “bordereau” with all the details and sign it (name and address of the wedding venue, number of the SIAE authorization, his ENPALS* registration number, all the songs performed and their authors). The bordereau has to be sent within a few days by the organizer of the event to the SIAE office that released the permit.


What is SIAE taxWhat is SIAE taxWhat is SIAE tax

What is ENPALS?

*ENPALS: SIAE will check that the musicians of your wedding are member of ENPALS (“Ente Nazionale di Previdenza e di Assistenza per i Lavoratori dello Spettacolo e Dello Sport Professionistico”), they must have the certificate of ENPALS and they have to pay their own contributions theirselves. It’s not responsability of the wedding couple if they don’t, but your reception wedding venue could ask to the musicians to show the ENPALS certificate and can refuse to let them perform music  if they don’t have it.


Don’t worry, I can help you:

I can take care of SIAE process for you and let you know of the exact SIAE fee related to your wedding. If you decide to secure musicians directly I can also help you in this case by coordinating with them to complete the necessary documents (where we will require a handling fee).

Feel free to contact me  for additional details and information on planning your Destination wedding in Italy!



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