Wedding in Italy • What is an Italian wedding like?

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wedding in Italy

Wedding in Italy • What is an Italian wedding like?

What is an Italian wedding like?

10 + 1 unique Italian wedding customs !

I think it would be interesting for you to read something about marriages in Italy, and about our unique wedding customs. Below you can find a list of our traditions, which you may be surprised to find are similar to other weddings abroad:

1         Confetti: have you ever had sugared almonds ? They are a fundamental part of our Italian wedding tradition; they just have to be there! Of course, there are some basic rules that you need to follow. These sweet treats can be packed in tulle, satin, or  lace tissue, and are given to the guests together with the favours.

They have to be an odd number ( usually 5), because they are a symbol of  health, prosperity, happiness, fertility and longevity. The almonds taken home by the guests must be colored white, but you can have different flavoured almonds for the confectionary table, described below.


In the last few years, the idea of  “confettata”, has become very popular. This is our version of a candy table, with different sweets and confetti . The sugared almonds and other sweets have wonderful tastes  like “babbà”, “cassata”, “sfogliatella”, which are typical sweets of southern Italy, or Rhum, Mojito, Spritz , or a mixture of different tastes like “Pear and Chocolate”, “Marron glace”, fruit tastes, and are displayed in different vases.

It is traditional to put out little “sacchetti” made of tulle so that the guests can choose their favourites to take home. Your guests will really appreciate this sweet tradition!


wedding in Italywedding in Italywedding in Italy


2        Rice: at the end of the Italian ceremony, rice has to be thrown at the wedding couple. We put the rice together with rose petals in many small boxes or bags which can be personalized with the date and names of the wedding couple.

The rice is a symbol of abundance and wealth. Now there’s a sort of treated rice that is very commonly used because it avoids stains to the groom’s suit or tuxedo. Also soap bubbles are used, especially for the enjoyment of the children.

3         The bride’s bouquet: Italian weddings have different traditions. In the North, the bride chooses her bouquet and the florist simply delivers it to her home on the morning of the wedding, while in the South, the mother-in-law usually gives it to the bride.

wedding in Italywedding in Italywedding in Italy

4         La Serenata = the night before the wedding ! This tradition is typical of Southern Italian weddings, where the groom and his friends and families serenade the bride (accompanied by different instruments like violins, guitars, etc. ) underneath her window at home.




5         The bride’s gown should not be shown to her future husband! See? It isn’t only for Italian weddings!


6         Again for the bride: Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, something given to the bride to wear for this special occasion .


7         The tradition of bridesmaids, with their beautiful colored dresses, specifically chosen by the bride, has been taken from abroad, and incorporated in our elegant Italian weddings.

 Wedding in Italywedding in Italywedding in Italy

8        The throwing of the bride’s bouquet and of her garter, are also very common  in weddings abroad.




9         Ceremony Timing: this religious Catholic ceremony lasts about 1 hour.

On the other hand, a civil ceremony, (which lasts about 15 minutes ), can be done in the Town Hall or in another licensed venue, where they request two witnesses .

 Lot of couples prefer to get married in the Town Hall only with their witnesses and parents, and to have a symbolic ceremony afterwards with an officiator  in whichever location they prefer. The officiator can surely guarantee a more personal and emotional touch, with the ceremony lasting longer than the one in Town Hall.

wedding in Italywedding in Italywedding in Italy


10       Reception Timing: we usually have a cocktail hour that lasts about an hour and a half, followed by the sit-down dinner/lunch. It has two “first dishes” (like pasta, rice, etc.) and one “second dish” (like meat, fish with vegetables, etc.),  but you can have also two second dishes. Usually this part lasts about 2 hours/ 2 hours and a half.

 Afterwards, there is the cutting of the wedding cake, the “ confettata” , and other typical Italian sweets and fruits. And now, the party begins!  Since the Italian venues usually close  at midnight or 1 a.m., it’s very important to be punctual so that you will have more time to enjoy the party!

wedding in Italywedding in Italywedding in Italy


10        Last but not least : The importance of the songs choice.  The wedding couple needs to choose the songs for their arrival at the reception, for their newlywed dance, the dance with their parents, the cutting of the wedding cake, etc …all important moments!


I hope you found this article interesting and I wish you a happy wedding in Italy!

Feel free to contact me:  I will be glad to help you  organize your big day!

wedding in Italy
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