Tips for your Destination Wedding’s guests list

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Tips for your Destination Wedding's guests list

Tips for your Destination Wedding’s guests list

What should you consider when compiling your destination wedding’s guests list?

Often, destination weddings are the perfect excuse to invite only the guests you would really like to be there. This helps limit the guest list to the people closest to you, instead of having to invite that Uncle or Aunt you don’t often see but feel obligated to invite, or work acquaintances that you may not be very familiar with. Since this is a destination wedding, you will be spending more time than usual with your guests, both before and after the ceremony. So keeping the number down will help to create a more intimate gathering of immediate family and close friends, with whom you really want to share your big day. Of course, the budget might dictate the number of guests you can afford to invite, but consider that you could adapt your celebration to suit your budget.

Number of guests on your list:

  • The number of guests is due to the size of your venue or how much your guests feel comfortable spending. So ,if your destination wedding will be only 20 guests, you can definitely invite the rest of your family and friends to join you for a reception once you’re home.
  • Make a WISH LIST: family, distant relatives, friends you’d absolutely want to be with you, friends you would like to invite, etc.
  • Discuss your plans with your parents: If they will be helping you with the wedding expenses, they will have a voice in the wedding’s budget and may want to invite certain people; ask them to create their short list to be integrated with yours.
  • If you are not sure about inviting someone, ask yourself if you would be offended not to be invited to his/her wedding. If not, there’s no reason to invite him/her to your destination wedding.
  • Be equal: the list should be divided into three equal parts: one third for the bride’s family, one third for the groom’s family, and one third for friends.
Destination wedding guests listDestination wedding guests listDestination wedding guests list

Kids or no kids?

  • Kids or no kids? If you decide that you want only adults, consider that the guest number would be reduced. Some parents could be offended, but others would be relieved to have a few days free! Consider the needs of your most important guests: for example, if your maid of honour is expecting a baby, or has an infant, it may be difficult for her to come. In any case, if you want an adult-only wedding, make an exception only for nursing mothers, who obviously can’t stay far away from their babies! Otherwise, if you decide to have children there, ask for someone who will take care and entertain them during the festivities.
  • Single friends: you don’t have to invite them with plus-ones. Of course, those who are living together, engaged, or married should be invited as couples.


  • Be aware that you are not obligated to foot the bill for any of your wedding party’s travel expenses, but you should support them as much as possible. With destination weddings, the couple usually pays for the the wedding day, the rehearsal dinner and the brunch the day after. Guests will pay their transportation and accommodations. Offer reasonably-priced lodging options, as most hotels offers discounted rates for groups, or consider renting a house. You could also organize activities for them like a wine tasting tour, a cooking lesson, a motorbike tour, a boat tour, depending on the area you choose for your wedding, as a gift to thank them.
Destination wedding guests listDestination wedding guests listDestination wedding guests list

Send the Save-the-date early!

  • Send save the date cards about 8 to 10 months before the wedding, and mail out invitations at least 3 months in advance, giving guests plenty of time to RSVP. If they have to book flights, they will need to have all the information in advance: the date, time, and the location of any events you’ve planned, so that they know how many days they will need to spend there.
  • Create your own wedding website with the complete itinerary and all of the information regarding accommodations, transport, local activities, etc.; this will be super useful for them, and absolutely appreciated!

And most importantly, Relax! You are going to enjoy one of the most unforgettable experiences of your life, along with the dearest people of your life!

Since your guests are so important, one of the aspects of my job is to help my couples by providing them with all the information they need for accommodations, transfers, guest activities, Italian customs, etc. I want everything to be perfectly organized, so that you all can have a wonderful Italian wedding experience!


Feel free to contact me  . Together we will organize your beautiful destination wedding in Italy!


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