The right bridesmaids’ gift

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The best bridesmaids gift

The right bridesmaids’ gift

Bridesmaids’ gift:

As you might imagine, you should reserve a truly special thought for your bridesmaids, how to choose the right bridesmaids’ gift?

Whether they are your closest friends, sisters or sisters-in-law, family members, etc., they will stand at your side to support you in many occasions during the preparation of your wedding, spending their time to organize your bridal shower, being at your disposal for the dress-fitting, and helping you be perfectly prepared for your wedding day.

What would they appreciate as a special personalized gift to remember your wedding day and the lovely time spent together?

Here are some suggestions:

A bridesmaid gift that will last forever.

Nothing is more classic and has the emotional touch like a timeless personalized jewel, so chic and elegant like a gold bracelet that your bridesmaids can wear during any occasion after your wedding, and that will always remind them of the wonderful time spent together, giving you their emotional support, energy, and friendship. Something like a necklace with their initials, or a delicate watch for your maid-of-honor, would be very appreciated.

Bridesmaids’ gift: following their passion.

A personalized bridesmaid gift should be something that is well-matched with the personality of each specific bridesmaid. It could be an experience for just herself or a guest of her choosing, like a theater ticket close to the stage, two nights in a foreign hotel in a major city, a musical or dance show with dinner, or wine-tasting tour weekend, a reservation for a Michelin Restaurant, a cooking class, or a hang-glider flight for the most fearless!

The best bridesmaids giftThe best bridesmaids giftThe best bridesmaids gift


What about a personalized, practical option?

Think about things your bridesmaids like that they can use in their daily life: a weekend bag, or a Dip-Dyed Clutch with their initials would be appreciated. A coffee mug with a gift card to their favorite coffee shop could be nice. Or a jewelry box to use during a trip. A phone-charging clutch or stylish headphones are useful options during trips. Monogrammed towels, or a comfy personalized robe to suit your bridesmaids’ style and size would be a nice gift!

Have you ever thought about comfortable slippers that they could wear to dance at your wedding, customized with the wedding date and your initials? They would love it! For this, I can suggest some models of beautiful slippers created in Italy, which would be a lovely souvenir !

The best bridesmaids giftThe best bridesmaids giftThe best bridesmaids gift


Think about your bridesmaids well-being.

A spa treatment, tickets for body or facial massages, or for a thermal bath in a special location. Your bridesmaids gift will be appreciated, serving as a special moment of papering and stress-relief. Also a makeup trousse, a home spa kit, or perfumed candles would all be great gifts!

The best bridesmaids giftThe best bridesmaids giftThe best bridesmaids gift


Do it with Care.

Take your time to choose the right gift for your bridesmaids, since each of them is important in your life and has been emotionally involved in your big day and deserves special treatment. They will appreciate the time you dedicated in finding the right gift, and will undoubtedly love all your choices!


I hope you found this article interesting and useful! Feel free to contact me  for additional details and information on planning your Destination wedding in Italy!



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