How to find your best wedding venue in Italy for your destination wedding.

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Best wedding venues italy

How to find your best wedding venue in Italy for your destination wedding.

My tips for your research of the best wedding venue in Italy

Planning a destination wedding in Italy is not easy, since there are many choices, villas, castles, farmhouses, beaches, and 5-stars hotels! And you would like to select the best wedding venue in Italy, which genuinely reflects you and your wishes.

But which are the most important points in choosing the right wedding venues in Italy?


1)      WHERE: think about places and landscapes you might prefer just to imagine how your wedding would be. This has to be according to the style of your event: do you wish to have an exclusive wedding? A castle or a beautiful sea/lake view villa would be a great option for you. Would you prefer something more rustic? A farmhouse in the countryside in Tuscany would be the perfect wedding venue! Are you unconventional and a city lover? A modern loft in the city center could be the right choice. Would you like an elegant venue with full amenities services for you and your guests? A 5-stars hotel would be a top choice!

Are you thinking of staying for some days with your guests? Choose a place where you can organize activities, like visiting a town, going on a cruise, taking a food and wine tour, a bike tour, and so on. Also, starting thinking if there’s an interesting venue close to the one you choose to have the rehearsal dinner.

2)      WHEN: Another important aspect to choose is the date. If you want to get married during the summer, start looking early, in order to take your time and make the decision at least one year before and secure your venue. If you need to stay on a budget, choose a day from Monday to Thursday, so that you will have a better chance to find the best venues and the suppliers available at a lower price.

Best wedding venues italyBest wedding venues italyBest wedding venues italy

Are you looking for the right wedding venue? Have a look at some of the venues I propose in Lake Como, the Italian Riviera, Tuscany and Umbria.


3)      BUDGET:  If you have a budget in mind, it will help you decide how much you feel comfortable spending on each service and aspect of the wedding. Stick to your budget and consider the form of currency, so that you’re able to keep track of every cost. Keep in mind that in some exclusive venues, there are vendors exclusive to those wedding venues (caterer, musicians, florists). Be informed about that and the costs you will have to spend on them, if you can’t hire other vendors from outside the venue.

4)      What is included, and extra expenses: Check out which services are included and if there are some extra fees: for example, for preparing the space for the ceremony, or perhaps an extra cost if the party lasts after a certain time. Mind the VAT and check if it’s included in the prices, or not. It may be 10% for caterers and hotels and 22% for the other services.

5)      Number of guests and venue size: The number of guests at your wedding venue is an extremely important part of your planning. Choose your venue carefully, thinking of an estimate of how many guests you are expecting to come to Italy. Check the number of guests it can accommodate, outside (as a “Plan A”) as well inside (as a “Plan B”).Make specific guests lists: for example, one for your close relatives, one for more extended relatives that you haven’t seen for some time, one for your close friends whom will absolutely be there with you on your big day, one for acquaintances, work colleagues, etc. As you are having a destination wedding in Italy, your list understandably could be a bit shorter, since you’ll be taking into account their trip to arrive to the destination, and the connected costs. As soon as you have booked the wedding date, go ahead and advise your family and closest friends who you know for sure will be there to celebrate with you your wedding in Italy, so that they can choose the best tariffs for the flights and accommodations.

Best wedding venues italyBest wedding venues italyBest wedding venues italy



6)      TYPE OF CEREMONY: Do you wish to have your ceremony and reception in the same venue? Of course it would be an ideal situation for you and your guests! Will it be a civil (legally-binding) ceremony or a symbolic one? In the first case, paperwork have to be properly prepared; in Italy you can have the civil ceremony at the Town Hall or in a venue that has a special permission, so get informed about that. Otherwise, if you choose a symbolic ceremony, you can have it wherever you want. Do you wish to have a religious marriage? Think about the distance from the guests’s hotel to the church and especially from the church to the venue, that ideally should not be more than 30 minutes, to make the trip easier and more enjoyable for your guests.



7)      Plan B: Of course, we all hope there will be a sunny day for your wedding, but weather is unfortunately the only thing we can’t decide!, so just in case, it is always a great idea to have a Plan B prepared, and ready to go. So, while visiting your venue, keep this in mind, and check all the spaces trying to imagine how your wedding will develop. First, do you like the venue inside? Is the style of the venue well-matched with your tastes? Is there enough space in the dining room for all of your guests, or you will have a few little rooms that will require you to separate guests into different rooms? Do you have a room dedicated to the cocktail hour? If you have the ceremony at the same venue of the reception, will you have an inside space suitable for that?

8)      Details details details: Get informed about the following things; for example: will be a room with a big mirror for you and your bridesmaids to get prepared. Until what time is music allowed? Are there architectural obstacles that would create difficulties for some of your older guests? Is there the proper light outside for the party?

Best wedding venues italyBest wedding venues italyBest wedding venues italy


Choose professionals that will send you their quotes and contracts to be signed and that will protect you. If you decide to hire me, I will send an agreement to you with the details and the mutually agreed- upon fee arrangement. I will send directly to you the vendor’s information that you will need to have, you will be given the quotes in Euros and contracts of every single vendor in English, to make sure everything is clear and transparent.

I know many wedding venues in Italy, I will send you all the information, policy and photos that you will need during the wedding planning process. Feel free to contact me, we will find your ideal destination wedding venue to have your  big day!

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