How to choose the perfect wedding cake for your wedding in Italy?

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Italian wedding cake

How to choose the perfect wedding cake for your wedding in Italy?

My tips to choose your wedding cake for your wedding day.

The cutting of the cake is one of the most representative moments of the wedding reception, and one of the most important photo opportunities of the day! When it comes to wedding cakes, there are endless choices of flavors and styles. Standard favorites such as chocolate, vanilla, or hazelnut. Fruit flavors such as lemon or berry.

Styles such as tiered or layered. Complete with whichever decorative elements you would like! So, how can you choose the perfect wedding cake for your wedding day? Since Italy has a wonderfully diverse and important food culture, you will have the opportunity to choose your favourite wedding cake with our knowledgeable experts.

Wedding cake style:

  • Think about the style of your wedding, and all of the design elements you’ve chosen: flowers, decorations, colors, etc. Once you know this, you can then choose the cake afterwards, with the best design, style, and flavor of cake that will be well-matched with everything you’ve picked before. After all, the wedding cake has to reflect your personalities!
  • In Italy, the best caterers will propose to you different kinds of wedding cakes to choose among. The more decorated and customized it will be, the more it will cost, so mind your budget!
  • If you’d like, we can ask a professional cake designer to create a really spectacular cake. We can find the cake designer that creates cakes with the style that you are looking for, and can organize an appointment with him/her at their atelier.
  • Pinterest is an inspirational reference point for every bride. It Helps you to imagine the cake as an important element in the scenography of your wedding. If you have found some Pinterest photos you like, send them to us so that we can understand how to best customize your cake!
  • Mind the cake topper. Its size has to be commensurate to the top tier of the cake. The weight is important, as a heavy cake topper may sink directly into the cake if there’s no support base underneath the frosting!
  • Decoration: A round table is the perfect solution for circular cakes, but a linear design matches well with a rectangular table. We could decorate the table with fresh flowers that give the idea of a flattering cake, and of course candles during the night for a romantic atmosphere.
  • Consider that complex cakes may not necessarily arrive in final form. You will pay an extra for the baker that will have to assembly it at the reception.

See below some photos of the great wedding cakes by Mami Louise Milano, one of my favourite cake designer in Milan.

Italian wedding cakeitalian wedding cakeitalian urban wedding cake

                                         Mami Louise Milano                           Mami Louise Milano                             Mami Louise Milano

Wedding cake: the flavours

  • The most important thing is that your wedding cake should be as excellent inside, as it is beautiful outside.
  • If you are able to come to Italy before your wedding, we can provide a taste-testing before your wedding to be sure that you love exactly what you’ve picked!
  • Consider that in general, for a wedding in Italy, the wedding cake is served at the end of the meal. Therefore it will have to satisfy the palate of your guests, and contain a flavor that is well-matched with what you’ve all been drinking.
  • Consider the season as inspiration. For example, a fruit cake during the summer will be appreciated because of its freshness, since chocolate will not keep well if it’s too hot. For an outdoor wedding in a warm, humid month, stay away from whipped cream, meringue and buttercream! In any case, our cake design professionals will give you the right advice and options to customize your perfect wedding cake.
  • If you’ll have many guests at your celebration, a tiered cake could be a fun idea. You could have different flavours for every tier (keep in mind that more flavors equals more money)!
  • If you have only a few guests, but you still want a scenographic cake, the caterer often advises to add some fake, non-edible tiers. In this example, you would have just one or two real tiers that can be eaten, where the rest of the tiers would just be there for an amazing cutting-of-the-cake for your photos. In this way, you will have a beautiful cake, save money, and your guests won’t know your secret!
  • Fondant or buttercream? If you wish to have a fancy cake design to show your creativity and style, your wedding cake will mostly likely be covered with fondant. While some people find it too sweet, thanks to its consistency it’s very versatile for texture designs, and a pastry chef can make amazing and elaborate designs. Don’t forget that it’s the ideal solution for an outdoor wedding! Buttercream is a classic icing made from butter, sugar and cream and is perfectly matched with a large palette of flavours, but it will unfortunately melt if left out during a hot humid day, so it’s not the best choice during the summer! By the way, guests that prefer the fondant can enjoy eating it, and for those who may dislike it, they can simply peel it off!
donut tower wedding cakecroquembouche wedding cakemacaron wedding cake

                                                  Pinterest                                                 Pinterest                                                 Pinterest

Be creative:

“If you don’t want a traditional wedding cake and would like something a bit more unconventional, think about other options. For example individual wedding cakes, a donut tower, a cupcake tower, the Croquembouche, Italian-style macaroons, a gelato (ice-cream bar) with lots of wonderful flavors and toppings, etc. Italian pastry-making is an art, and we have many professionals that will help create your dreaming wedding cake: so, just ask!

In addition, my team and I can help you plan ahead for any dietary restrictions that you and your wedding guests may have. Would you like gluten-free options? We have wonderful cake and dessert solutions for that. Would you like some sugar-free options, for any diabetics or people watching their sugar instake? We have yummy solutions for that as well. Let us know your specific needs, and we will help create the perfect dessert course for you and your guests.”


As usual, feel free to contact me  for a customized wedding in Italy. I will be there every step of the way, taking are of all the details, wedding cake included!.


Photo Credit  Mami Louise Milano and Pinterest.
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