Lake Como is like a precious treasure chest. With its typical villages, narrow streets, historical villas, and peacefulness of the lake, it transports you to a timeless atmosphere. It’s an experience; something you will feel with all your senses. Many V.I.P.’s love Lake Como for its discreet and cozy atmosphere, where you can have the exclusive services and comforts you need. Lake Como offers luxury hotels that have retained their romantic and historical characteristics, but also offer thoroughly modern amenities. On its shores, you can see enchanting villas belonging to wealthy families from years past, with frescos, statues, precious furniture, and lovely gardens where you can have your wedding ceremony. There are the “Lidos” (fashionable beach resorts and areas) where you can arrive by boat to have an evening party or a morning brunch. With many choices and activities, I would be happy to coordinate a wonderful experience for you and your guests.


The Italian Riviera is very special, with its olive trees and cliff-side vineyards overlooking the sea. The warmth,  colors of nature, art, masterpieces, wonderful food, and artisanal traditions and products make this environment truly spectacular. With magical landscapes and sunsets by the sea, you will surely fall in love with it. Beautiful villas, magnificent hilltop castles, and exclusive, comfortable hotels can all be a part of this amazing experience. As these enchanting villages are located close to each other and are easily accessible, why not come and enjoy a completely enthralling experience!


Tuscany and the less popular Umbria are known for their fabulous landscapes, amazing artwork and architecture and their incredible charm. They are perfect for a countryside wedding surrounding by the typical nature of the center of Italy. Here you will find Hotel with spa perfectly immerged in the landscape, medioeval castles, boutique farm resort, and agriturismo (farmhouses). There are lot of places to be visited, people are very friendly and you can discover towns that are not overwhelmed with tourists (except for Firenze and Assisi of course!).


If you get married in a foreign country, you can understand that it may not be easy for you to plan every service that your big day deserves; because of the distance, you won’t be able to check everything in real-time. Although you can certainly read reviews on the Web, you won’t be able to personally know the vendors; therefore, even if you were to travel to Italy for a wedding-planning weekend, it would only be possible for you to meet a handful of suppliers, and you may not be completely certain you’ve chosen the right one for you. In addition, the language and cultural barrier may be an issue if you are not completely fluent. Therefore, I would suggest hiring a wedding planner in Italy who can perfectly understand your needs, and who can take care of all of the details, making sure that the vendors execute your every wish.

Your arrival to Italy for your wedding day should be flawless; the last thing you need is to be concerned about the day-to-day logistical and timing concerns that can undoubtedly lead to unnecessary stress. With a good wedding planner who understands you and makes you feel comfortable and cared-for, you can relax and enjoy your big day!


Since I am an Italian-born native and resident, I understand the ins-and-outs of the Italian wedding vendor process. This allows me to have a clearer and deeper relationship with them, and to understand easily what may work or not. Among my services, I will find the right vendor for you, advise the location best suitable for your needs, and will make sure that the prices are exactly in line with the quality of the services. I will work with you, and be there for you, during the entire process from the beginning until the end of your big day.



I will make myself easily available to you, and you will be always informed about any changes and important information through punctual emails and other forms of correspondence that you prefer, and Skype calls can be arranged whenever you need. I know it’s not easy to follow up on everything from abroad, and that’s why I will serve as your personal reference point, following up on everything, meeting with vendors, visiting places, contracting prices, details, etc. Think of me as your “eyes and ears”, checking everything and making sure it is exactly as you would like, just like you would do if you were here! I will be your Italian consultant, and I want you to have an unforgettably magical experience.



I am located in Milan, which is very close to both Lake Como and the Italian Riviera. I decided to organize weddings only in these two regions because I have a personal love for these areas, and prefer to be specialized in all the details to help you in the best way possible. In the “Venues Section”, you can see a highlighted list of possible venues and their details regarding number of guests, the kind of ceremony you can have, advice, and requirements; I know many other venues as well that you can choose from.

In addition, I only work on a handful of weddings per year, because I want to give each wedding the attention and distinctiveness that it deserves. After speaking with you, I will be able to gain a deep understanding of your wishes and desires, combining it with my expertise and personal touch to create for you the wedding of your dreams. I offer “full-service planning”, where I will be involved in every aspect from the beginning; starting from support with paperwork, to researching the right venue and suppliers, to coordination up until, and also on, your wedding day. My stylistic specializations are in wedding and flower design, and I am excited to hear your ideas through conversations and photos that you can send me about your preferences, and to translate them into a setting created just for you, where colors, shapes, lights, and materials are mixed together to create a special, cohesive atmosphere for your wedding.

Once you contact me, you will immediately receive an email with a simple questionnaire about your wedding day, details about your nationality, where and when you want to get married, the type of wedding you’d like (symbolic, civil, religious), your budget, number of guests, and some notes about your desired wedding style. This fundamental information will help give me an idea about you and your needs. Immediately following, we will arrange a Skype call, so that we can meet each other face-to-face. This way, you can explain your needs/preferences, and I can provide answers to any questions about my services.

I work with a fixed fee, which is based on the type of wedding you request, the location, and number of guests. I will not charge any additional costs. If you would like additional services such as travel arrangements, etc. , I can recommend additional vendors.

After hiring me, I will send an agreement to you with the details and the mutually agreed- upon fee arrangement. Keeping your budget in mind, I will send directly to you the vendor’s information that you will need to have.  You will be given the quotes in Euros and contracts of every single vendor in English, to make sure everything is clear and transparent.

Every vendor has been personally selected by me; in addition, I have also personally visited every venue that I recommend. Many of the vendors that I work with frequently work with foreign couples who come from around the world and are very flexible and knowledgeable.

If it is possible, I recommend to my wedding couples to visit Italy before their wedding day so that they can visit their chosen venue, organize hair & make-up,  and choose the menu so that  you can feel confident on your big day.



It would be best to contact me as soon as possible, especially if you wish to get married on the weekend in the high season, from May to September. Therefore, I would recommend to start our planning together one year before your wedding day. Keep in mind that it’s the high season for Italian weddings too, so we want to make sure that we have enough time to reserve the best venue, vendors, photographers, and musicians of your choice!

If you are planning a civil wedding, remember there is paperwork that needs to be properly prepared and it can take time, so I recommend you to plan at least 6-8 months before. Please be advised that in Italy, if the woman has been divorced and want to get remarried in Italy, she must wait a period of 300 days since the Official Decree before remarrying.



If the ceremony is symbolic, you can have it wherever you’d like (choose between villas, castles, palaces) because you don’t need to do any paperwork. You can personalize your ceremony: for example, you can use an officiator or other person chosen amongst your family or friends, for a more personal touch. In addition, you can also choose to have the civil ceremony in your own country before coming to Italy, if you don’t want the stress of preparing paperwork.

On the other hand, if you’d like to have a civil ceremony, this is handled by the Mayor or an official  in the Italian language. Please note that an official interpreter is always required by law. In Italy, the civil ceremony takes place in the town hall, or in other places and venues that have been authorized. It lasts about 15-20 minutes. You will need two witnesses over the age of 18. The marriage certificate is considered legal all over the world.

Catholic weddings can take place only in a Catholic church (if you have been married with Catholic rites before, and you are divorced, you can’t get married again in the church unless your previous wedding has been annulled), in English or in Italian with an Interpreter. The paperwork can also meet the civil requirements if you make your needs known ahead of time.

Protestant weddings can take place in a Protestant church, or any other place you would like. If you want it  to also meet the civil requirements, the proper paperwork will need to be prepared beforehand.



It depends on your nationality, and the kind of ceremony you choose. U.S. citizens need to be here at least 4 weekdays before the wedding day, whereas British citizens need to be here 2 weekdays before the date.

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