Destination wedding in Italy: how to transport your Destination wedding gown abroad?

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Transport wedding gown

Destination wedding in Italy: how to transport your Destination wedding gown abroad?

How would you safely transport your lovely wedding gown to Italy?

Your wedding dress will no doubt be the most expensive and cherished item of clothing you will ever purchase! You chose it to be one in a million, custom-made to your shape, and have imagined hundred times how it will feel walking down the aisle with your fabulous wedding gown. But you also chose to have your blissful destination wedding abroad; and by taking that long flight to the destination wedding of your dreams, the thought of letting your dress out of your sight can literally have you in a cold sweat!

Keep calm and carry-on (as they say), and don’t panic: you’re far from the first bride to go through this, and there are lots of ways to make sure your dress is perfectly ready for your big day.

Which are the best solutions to transport your wedding gown?

  • First, speak with your wedding dress shop to decide the best way for your dress to travel, either with a plastic cover or a storage box that they’ll pack properly for your travels.
  • Take your wedding dress on board the plane as hand luggage, as there is no point risking loss or damage. Most airlines allow to take it on the plane with you, but before your trip, contact your airline personally to find out their specific policy. Double-check your airline’s specific carry-on baggage size, weight and packaging requirements so you don’t get surprised with oversize fees, or worse, a possible gate check.
Transport wedding gownTransport wedding gownTransport wedding gown


  • Keep in mind that some international planes have smaller overhead compartments! You could purchase priority boarding to get on your flight in time to store your wedding dress, or to save money to get there as early as you can, because there’s no guarantee there will be the proper space to store it if your flight is delayed.
  • On many flights, the company can put your wedding gown in a closet for hanging garments, which would be great; but understand that they have to give priority to passengers with other carry-ons that can’t be stowed overhead (like a wheelchair, walker, bicycle, surfboard, etc.).

Considering an extra seat for your wedding gown:  

  • If you can afford it and really want to play it safe, you can always purchase one more seat on the plane for your gown. It sounds overly presumptuous, but lots of brides prefer to do it, just for peace of mind!
  • Otherwise, you can check it, put it in a plastic bag and carefully pack it in a suitcase dedicated only to it (for example, don’t put liquid or pack things on top of it, so that it has some breathing room). Keep in mind the possibility that it could be lost or delayed. That would be an unnecessarily dramatic situation that would be better if avoided, so that you won’t need to desperately find another dress solution at the wedding location.

Transport wedding gownTransport wedding gownTransport wedding gown

Clear contact information:

  • Always remember to write clearly on your luggage all of your contact information, and how to reach you at your wedding location, in case something happens.
  • If you find your wedding dress becomes slightly creased during transportation, ask your hotel concierge or wedding planner to find a local dry-cleaner to steam your wedding dress.

I hope this information helps!

Feel free to contact me  I to help organize your blissful wedding in Italy. My staff and I will take care of every aspect of the planning and execution, in order to flawlessly organize your destination wedding in Italy!


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