3 Top Wedding Venues for civil ceremonies in Lake Como

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civil wedding venues lake como villa balbianello

3 Top Wedding Venues for civil ceremonies in Lake Como

I’d like to recommend 3 top wedding venues that have become very popular where you can have your legally- binding ceremony (civil ceremony) on the shores of Lake Como.

The following three wedding venues are among the top destinations to have a civil ceremony:

3 Top Wedding Venues in Lake Como for your civil ceremony.


property of the Town Hall and considered “The place from Heaven” is situated in Tremezzo and faces the peninsula of Bellagio. This venue is submerged in 70,000 square meters of botanical gardens with statues and fountains. From March to November, it is open to visitors.

from around the world who come to admire the century-old cedar and sequoia trees, tropical plants, the Rock garden and the Ferns valley, the Rhododendrons forest and the Bamboo garden.

This wedding venue has a famous lakeview terrace named “Terrazza delle camelie” with a beautiful panoramic view, where you can have your civil ceremony. In case of bad weather, you can have the ceremony inside where you can find a museum with beautiful statues. The ceremony  area will be reserved for 1 hour and 30 minutes and the celebration can take place in the morning at 11 a.m.  or in the afternoon at 4 p.m.

You will have to pay a base fee for a civil wedding to Tremezzina Town Hall and a guest fee to Villa Carlotta to rent the space (the guest fee amount depends on the number of guests and the day of the week, and varies from 800 Euros + VAT 22% , to 2,600 Euros + VAT 22%). Please be advised that only for outdoor ceremonies, you can throw fresh petals (but no rice), while inside you can’t throw anything.

civil wedding venues lake como villa carlottacivil-wedding-venues-lake-como (3)civil wedding venues lake como villa carlotta

Your civil ceremony in a dreamy venue.


in Tremezzina is  a luxury wedding venue for civil ceremonies, with a beautiful balcony, statues and breathtaking gardens . Wedding couples arrive from all around the world to get married at the stunning Loggia Durini, with an incredible view of Lake Como and its  lavish nature all around. It’s opened all year round, but I would recommend to get married here from May to September.

Please be advised that you and your guests can arrive to this venue only by boat, and the venue is opened to visitors every day until 6 p.m. except on Mondays and Wednesdays. You can rent the space of Loggia Durini for a maximum of 30 minutes and have the cocktail hour last no more than 2 hours and 30 minutes, both during the opening hours to public and after 6 p.m. when it’s closed.

Costs for the ceremony and cocktail hour depend on how many guests you have and the day you choose and varies from 2,100 to 9,000 Euros. You can’t throw fresh petals or rice. You can also have the reception at Villa Balbianello in Loggia Segrè or in the lake-view garden, but you’ll have to rent the marquees. Notice that the vendors are exclusive to the venue and must be chosen from their list. Lastly, there are no sleeping accommodations.

civil wedding venues lake como villa balbianellocivil wedding venues lake como villa balbianelloCivil wedding venues in lake Como

A beautiful terrace on the Lake Como.


is another wedding venue to get married at with a beautiful terrace on the lake. This is a four-star hotel in Varenna, surrounded by a botanical garden with wonderful flowers and exotic plants, and a private boat port. The hotel is open from April to October.

In this wedding venue, you can have your ceremony every day from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. and from 4 p.m. to 5.30 p.m. and you can stay without any additional costs for an extra hour (to 12 a.m. and to 6.30 p.m.). Costs vary from 2,500 to 3,000 Euros if you only have the ceremony.

Obviously, you can have the reception at Villa Cipressi (in this case, the price for the ceremony is lower). In addition, you can rent rooms for the night (there are 11 standard rooms without lake views, 17 Deluxe lake-view rooms, and 2 beautiful suites). If you rent the venue exclusively, you can have music and an open bar until 1.a.m., otherwise the music has to end at 11 p.m.

civil wedding venues lake como villa cipressicivil wedding venues lake como villa cipressicivil wedding venues lake como villa cipressi


And you, what would you chose for your dream civil ceremony?

Contact me to choose the right one for you!


Photo Courtesy of  Villa Cipressi, Villa Carlotta.

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